Dear Supporter,

       Unexpected price rises beyond our control have put us in a critical financial situation that is about to affect our ability to continue feeding and caring for our animals.

        It is a long time since we have had to write to our supporters with such a desperate plea. Despite experiencing a recession for the last two years, the loyalty and kindness of our supporters has enabled us to continue to take in, and care for, animals in need during these uncertain times. However, this winter’s dramatic doubling of hay prices has left us unable to fund our ongoing feed bills. The constant struggle to provide feed has, in turn, also affected our ability to pay for vital services such as veterinary care.

         Thankfully, up until now, our suppliers have been understanding of our situation but, we realise that they cannot afford to support us any longer. Crisis point was reached when we received a letter from our vets suggesting that, to save us from going further in the red, they put to sleep any animals needing critical care instead of treating them. As you can imagine, this is unthinkable.

         We can look to the future positively as, thanks to our kind supporters, we do have legacies impending but, as bequests often rely on the sale of property, which at the moment is slow, these funds are not immediately available. With past reserves tied up in land which is now a permanent home to our rescued animals we have nowhere to turn except to you, our supporters.

        We therefore ask whether you would be able to help us through this desperate time with a kind contribution. Any amount you are able to give, however small, would be so gratefully appreciated. Thank you for reading this.
  Wendy Valentine


N.B. Last year's dry summer has caused a shortage of hay, spiralling prices from the usual £3.50 a bale to this winter's price of around £7.  With around 400 horses, ponies and donkeys, 500 sheep and goats, and 135 cattle, hay is always one of our main expenditures.

If you would like to help, you may donate here....